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This book, Wayward World, is here pre-published for editorial commentary. When you have finished you may post a comment that answers the question of whether you would pay $30 for a hard cover version, or $18 for a paperback version, or $10 for a movie ticket for a movie based on it. You may offer comments on each chapter at the end of the chapter.

The Kindle eBook is now available. The paperback should available in a few days.

I tried to write a book that I would enjoy reading myself, and I do, but of course I am the author, and this has been a labor of love for three years now. But just because I enjoy reading it does not mean it will appeal to a wider audience that is willing to pay the price. It is a genre, alternative history science fiction, that does not even appeal to all science fiction fans. It may not appeal to you. So I decided to test the market by putting it online and inviting friendly critics to review it.

I have tried to make it historically and scientifically authentic. You are invited to verify that. Of course authentic does not make it entertaining. None of the characters have superpowers beyond what it is plausible for people to have. There are no space battles. There are aliens but we don’t see them. There are political reform ideas, but I try to avoid making the book all about them. I do have a political agenda, but I don’t want it to overshadow a good story. It has to make money.

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A beautiful oil painting on canvas of a woman goddess Lada as a mighty loving guardian and protective spirit upon the Earth
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Ariel invictus
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Ariel, Liberator
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